Quotes from people who go here.

We asked some of our early participants: What was surprisingly positive to you about being involved with Blue Ocean?

“Inclusive, powerful faith? What the wha??


“I like the positive, welcoming community that’s present every week along with the caliber and depth of the sermons.”


“I love it! I sensed authentically that someone like me is welcomed.”


“I love the fresh perspective and ‘aha’ discussions. I love that it’s open-handed and loving.”


“It’s a group of quality non-religious people who love Jesus.”


“They accept and love me and my same sex partner.”


“There’s a opportunity for everyone to explore and participate with their gifts.”


“The smaller size gives more opportunity to build relationships. There is an openness with the group that encourages people to share their struggles without judgment.”


“I like the combination of thoughtful/intellectual conversation and open-hearted and life affirming environment.”


“How friendly all the people are every single week.”


“I like the active prayer. I see people really ASKING for something.”


“I like truly connecting to God, ourselves and others. Getting back in touch.”


“Everyone is very welcoming of new people.”


“Very social group. People hang out afterwards. Folks like participating.”


“The community was extremely friendly and welcoming and open about who they are as people. The discussions and teaching were highly intelligent; very thoughtful and caused me to see the Bible in a different light.”


“I grew much more comfortable praying—I started enjoying it in a way I hadn’t before. I’m inspired by the people around me.”


“I felt God’s presence in the worship.”


“I was surprised by the supportive and caring environment. There is a refreshing authenticity among everyone and also there is a sense that people care, even if you’re just visiting or new.”

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